Association of BackYard MetalCasters

Welcome to the ABYMC, a site for all your adventures in metalcasting, created by the backyard casting community at large. Read some articles, melt some metal, have fun!

If you would like to submit an article, or you have no webspace of your own to host foundry photos, or just want to add a link, email Tim with some text and the photos attached and he'll post it up. Contact Tom about the directory.

P.S. There is no "association".. at least as of yet.. as far as we care, if you're interested in or practicing foundry and reading this, you're a member!

Don't forget to come chat with us, especially saturday and sunday nights.

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News and Updates

Tim, 2-3-2007: It's been a while! Added Peter's furnace and oil burner.
Tim, 2-3-2007: News for anyone joining the forum: You will have to manually send an e-mail to verify your account. The forum post is here.
Tom, 10-29-2006: Moved the Association to a newer, faster server--expect faster downloads and an end to forum lag!
Tim, 3-25-2006: Put up a forum at last, check it out!
Tim, 12-05-2005: S'been a while. Keep sending your pics and articles, people! Adding some pictures to Ron's shop page.
Tim, 5-03-2005: Added Justin's new oil burner.
Tim, 3-16-2005: Added Justin's foundry to the gallery.
Tim, 3-11-2005: Added some pics to Ron's furnace gallery.
Tim, 3-06-2005: Added Jake's crib.
Tim, 2-26-2005: Put up Jason's oil burner, a design based on Lionel's Ursurtz burner.
Tim, 12-14-2004: Merry Christmas! Uploading some more pics for Tzar.
Tim, 09-29-2004: Moving my casting section here, off of my Charter webspace.
Tom, 08-04-2004: Added some pics to Larry's Foundry, check it out!
Tim, 08-02-2004: Ron's Crib is up.
Tom, 07-22-2004: Added Larry's Foundry to the gallery.
Tom, 07-20-2004: The chatroom is online! Login and talk to the community. Stay tuned, we'll be scheduling some chat sessions soon!
Tim, 07-(10/11)-2004: Tzar's crib is online. More pics added.
Tim, 06-22-2004: Added Jim's hotwire saw and Jon's foundry.
Tim, 06-21-2004: Put up pictures and a video(!) of making my impressive bed casting.
Tim, 05-30-2004: Added some pics of ze basement to the Cribs.
Tom, 05-30-2004: Started the Abymc Cribs section; based on MTV cribs, you get to show off your shop to the casting community! Send pics and captions to me or Tim.
Tom, 04-14-2004: Added a diagram of Jeff's Waste Oil and LP Furnace
Tom, 04-12-2004: Added some pics of Jeff's incinerator.
Tim, 04-12-2004: Adding Ron's Furnace and Jim's Lost Foam galleries.
Tom, 03-17-2004: Added an article about ceramic crucibles.
Tom, 03-08-2004: Added a Classified ads section! List your scrap heap, you never know who might need something.
Tim, 03-(01/02)-2004: Just dropping in some forum threads (popcans and fume fever).
Tom, 02-25-2004: It's the Grand Opening! Check out the links section, and sign up for the directory if you're not already in it.
Tom, 02-04-2004: Added an article by Daniel about casting in dentistry.
Tim, 01-29-2004: I guess this means we're online, more or less... I givest thou an index, that thou shalt be organized! E-mail me or Tom with any written articles or links you'd like to see posted.

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