Ron's Shop


My shop, 24'x32'x10' ceiling, it still isn't finished, needs electric and a solid floor, me and my oldest son built it, started it on 9-11-01, took the 2 of us 13 months to complete what ya see.

Foundry Tools

These are my foundry tools, starting on the left, my ingot mold 3 pieces of 3" angle with 3" flat welded to the ends, the mold makes three 2lbs ingots that are 6 inches long, next are my skimmers, just stainless spoons i picked up at Krogers, my crucibles, a 6"dia x 8" tall, full holds bout 20lbs, then my 4" dia one is 6" tall the other is 8" tall, in front of that is my burner, more on that later, then my tongs, made from rebar, then in the back right is my crucible lifting/pouring tool, then my 1 1/2" burner tube, it's 12" long with a 2" reducer on the end.


My 2 furnaces are in that mess somewhere, along with lots of other projects.

Molding Bench

My molding bench, I have a buncha sand under it mixed with bentonite clay, 2 flasks a 8"x10"x7" and a 4"x6"x7", the yellow part of the bucket it my screen to sift the sand. On the right hand corner of the bench is a anvil made from RR track, I found it at the scrap yard.


Ingot supply, just a lil under 2lbs each, I have bout 34 lbs of alum, a few lost foam castings that didnt turn out the way i wanted them to, and those are ALL cans.

Drill Press

My drill press, sand mixer on the left, to the far left is a spring for my hotwire foam cutter, it's a trampoline spring.

Hotwire Foam Cutter

My hotwire foam cutter, just some scraps of wood, old banjo string, dimmer switch and a power converter, needs a better table.


This is my lil welder I use flux core wire, gets the job done. I've welded a lotta stuff with this lil thing.


My compressor.

Lathe Parts

My progress on the lathe, I have most of the stuff to finish what you see, the patterns are there, the bearing caps are for something else, could use them on the lathe I suppose.


This is my burner, 2" pipe nipple 6" long with four 1" slots 3 1/2" long, reducer to 1" pipe, and the choke tube.


The jet is a MIG welding tip .046" dia works best and to the far right is my 1 1/2" burner tube.

Dune Buggy

This is my oldest project, it's always broke, now it's a lumber parts rack. Welded most of it with the lil welder I have, the welds are offroad tested, it hasnt broke yet, been sitting a few years now though.

Bug Project

This is another project, probably finish it in 10 years, it's my MonsterBug, 1966 VW bug now resting on an S-10 Blazer frame, I'll mount it there someday. Oh, my barrel of Monkey Dust. LOL!

Monkey Dust

And finally a pic of me:


Well that's my "CRIB", hope y'all like it as much as I do, now I need to go melt some metal and Be Happy!

New 12-05-2005: some more pictures. (Furnaces picture above was updated.)

Molding Bench

New molding bench, needs to be lined yet, basin is 5 x 2 x 1 foot so 10 cubic feet or something like 500 pounds of sand.

Work Bench

Work bench, just resting my Gingery lathe there til I finish the bench for it.

Power Hammer

Junkyard power hammer, just needed a little fixing up, runs about 70 beats per minute and swings a hammer about 50 pounds, saves a lot of arm work when forging!

Post Vise

4" post vise, weighs about 45 lbs, great for smashing hot steel once I install it.

Gingery Lathe

My Gingery lathe, in its final resting place (I hope).

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