Tim's 'Crib'

...Keep in mind that I'm still living at home so I have to use the "we" form all the time... now it all makes sense. ;) And besides, I don't think any 17-y.o. has a job good enough to get a house this size. Heh.

Picture 1

Our back yard. On the left is the diminished ;) wood pile, behind which my trashcan furnace still resides (with a sheetmetal cover on top, held down against the wind with a big log). Our neighbor's siding is actually normal and flat painted, the pattern you see is Moire effect from being thrown on a grid (the picture). Anyway, the slanted panel by the porch (you can see some of the railing on the right, behind the rain barrel) is the basement door. Right in front of it (on the patio) is where I burn the reverberatory furnace. Yeah, I should have a sand pit below anything to do with metal, oh well. And yes we need to mow the lawn.

Picture 2

Better view of the old melting area. You can quite plainly see where I've done most of the work on the ground there...

Picture 3

The dungeon opens... You can begin to see some stuff but it becomes clear next:

Picture 4

Standing in the lower doorway. Behind the Fancy Shmancy Victorian Turned Post© lies the forge (above the 1), reverb. furnace (2) and pink foam forms (3) for the inside shape of the larger reverb. furnace project (the rightmost 3 points out some pipe I brazed together for supporting the hearth in said project). The 4 laying on the ground in the right side of the picture would appear at the very bottom of the next picture:

Picture 5

My balance. Some 1/2x1/8" aluminum angle, wood, coathanger, etc. and I have 1% accuracy up to about 2kg weight (I need more weights). I started with just pennies and nickels (2.5 and 5 grams respectively), wandered through my scrap bins and found some even weight bits (25g lead blob, 50g zinc + dross, 100g half lead ingot, 200g full lead ingot, 400g double (soldered together), 500g double and 500g cast lead "knob". I took some of them to a "real" balance and they measured within 1 gram! The only problem is I don't have resolution less than .6g (a quarter penny: tin snips + currency = wasted money, let's just say).

Picture 6

Standing around the balance looking back. Wash sink (gets a lot of use quenching hot castings :P ), fire table, scrap shelves, front view of reverb. furnace, wheelbarrow, hot water heaters, etc.

Picture 7

This is where I do much of my fire work that doesn't involve large melts (those are of course done in the reverb. outside). All kinds of firebrick, busted and purpose-made on the table. I stack some, place the work, stack some more, turn on the gas and let the borax and bronze rip. Or if I'm forging I clear an area for the forge (see above) and pound against the railroad track sitting on the pail of sand using the little 16oz. hammer. The shelf seen on the top right holds copper (left end), cast aluminum, wrought/rolled and popcan alloys. Zinc would be next to the right but it's cut off in this pic. And yep that's my propane regulator sticking out of the bottom of this photo.

Picture 8

And finally, my molding area. Ladders on one side, junk and more junk on the other. So I need to clean up, who cares (the parents). D'oh. Anyway, molding sand at 1 and behind (in two buckets, about 100lbs. worth... the other 50lbs are sitting loose and dry on the floor... I need to sweep up too, so sue me), 8" wood and 10" cast aluminum flasks at 2, box (about 15lbs. worth) of handmade hardwood charcoal at 3. There's still a total of maybe 50 pounds left over from those burns sitting around this place. Gotta get to BBQing, it's summer(ey) now after all...

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