TzarKrispie's Foundry

TzarKrispie ( sent me these photos of his Hawiian foundry:


The furnace setup. Dig the leaf-blower-powered monster kiln burner he picked up.

Liquid Propane

Enough gas to level the house...


The furnace, a bit kraggy from use.


The Monster Kiln Burner. It was too hot for the kilns a local pottery place had so they just gave it to him! Fine for foundry...


Closeup. I don't know if there's an orifice, or what the thing is at the end (pilot?).

Dat's a good flame

Now that's a big flame!

Neutral Flame

Neutral flame.

Full Burn

Maximum output... hot stuff!


"Wassup guys!" If you ever wondered how a man gets a gallon and a half of aluminum up four feet out of a furnace, now you know!

Adding Air

Oops, turn on that blower... or leave it off and use the thing for a nightlight... whichever :) That reminds me:

Night time

Who needs a bonfire when you have 100 pounds of propane in reserve!


New 12-14-2004. Loaded with charcoal to fire the new lid.

Burning Hot

Who called for the charcoal cutting torch?

Burning Down

Burning down... Betcha there's all kinds of melted ash in there!

Styled and edited by Tim, 07/2004.