At this time I had mixed up a little sand (maybe half of the full 100lbs. sand bag), and thought I'd make a rammer to use with it, and also to try out the hotwire saw I just built. I started with two foam (plain white EPS) cylinders (cut from a 2" slab), a cube, and a blunt flat nosepiece for the pattern, glued it together, added a sprue, and embedded it in some sand. This was my second lost foam casting, IIRC. Wish I had some photos of the pattern or the pour, but oh well. Here's the result:

Rammer, fresh from the sand

Here she is, fresh from the sand and right onto the scanner bed. Well okay, so I quenched it first...so what... ;) You can see the texture of the styrofoam pellets well.

After finishing

After a hell of a lot of filing and a bit of sanding on the belt sander, I get this, one (1) fully-functional solid-cast bar of aluminum. The flat end (where my fingers are) is used to pack in the edge of the sand mold, while the cube end is used to cover the rest of the area.

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