Relining The Furnace

Ok, I suppose the title is a little misleading, but I didn't get any photos of the masonry stuff. ;) But there's not much to the relining. I chipped out the loose stuff, mixed a batch of patch (tried something new this time, 2:1:1:1 wood ash/clay/sand/portland cement) and spread it on the thing. After a few days of drying time I took it out of the basement and burned it out. Here's the photos:

Fresh from the basement

Just lugged the 100lbs.+ monster from out of the basement and sat it on its blocks. As you can see, I'm all ready to start 'er burning...

Refurb'd Lid

Here's the lid.

She's on fire!

The first flames. No lighter fluid, only paper and small splints, then some heavier stuff. All generic wood scraps and bark, I'm too lazy to bother chopping up some real oak just for this.

The heat is on

Decided I'd get the blower anyway. I wanted a slow heat so as not to damage the new lining much, convection seeming to be the order of the day - but it wasn't pulling much draft...not much for a chimney I guess. Certainly not with the lid on...


More refueling... this is some dried out garden scraps, leaves, twigs, acorns and such. It nearly completely killed the fire, and made a hell of a cloud before it started burning. DON'T DO THIS if you can't burn leaves in your area, this is exactly why they have those rules... It took a few minutes before the wind blew the smoke out of the area.

Full Power

A little more fuel, burned down a little, full power to the blower! The exhaust there is pretty hot stuff. I didn't get a pic of it, but a little earlier I took a dead drill bit and layed it over the vent hole. Figured it was getting pretty hot, so I grabbed a brazing rod and yep, it melted the brass.

After the burn..

Getting late (gotta go to driver's ed. class), I pushed out the charcoal that was left and took this pic. The far side is dark and charred because the air just can't get over there, so it stays relatively cool. I need a propane burner already. ;)

Lid all burned out

The lid also burned out nicely. I didn't check if it's secure on there, but it's not terribly cracked up. We'll see how long this patch lasts.

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