Reverb. Furnace Photos

Last time I showed baby's first heat... I've since built the frame and done a little melting in it.. I'd try right now and get you some pics too, but it's snowing. :(

Overall View

Overall View. I stripped down a moving cart and bolted a support to it, that's at the right end. That is all that's fixed on it. You can see a pipe under the far beam, that's a temporary measure to elevate it so the hearth is level; also, my railroad track anvil weighing down the left end because tipping up the furnace tends to pull the cart with it...

Open View
Burner end view with the lid up.

Hearth Closeup

Detail of the hearth. Sorta. Forgot that I *always* have to use flash in the basement... sigh... Anyways, you can see I filled in the pouring end wall so I only have to tip it 45°, not a full 90 to empty the charge.

Corner View

Here you can see more details of the frame: the rusty angle iron (1 1/2 x 1/8") is bolted together; there's only one cross member (behind the hearth) holding them parallel, but it seems to work well enough. Later on I'll put a handle at the tilting end which will hold it good and straight. You can also see the support bolted to the cart frame, which holds up the furnace by its 1/2" dia. pegs. These pegs are brazed onto the vertical members of the angle iron base frame.

Lower Corner View

Here you can see the mounting better. The mounting support is 1 1/4" x 1/4" bar, brazed in two tee joints. That took a lot of heat... The vertical angle iron members are flattened at the top, I forged that out in two heats per piece (again, more heat).. onto this flat are screwed some 1/2 x 1/8" flat bar, which is loosely riveted at the end to more flat, which goes vertically up to the 3/8" dia. running bars which hold the lid section. At the other end of these bars is brazed yet more 1/2" flat for the lid lifting handle...

End View

...Which you can see better here. You also get a good idea of the pivots and stuff from this angle.

Put some Fire to 'er...

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